MERS Prevention and Containment Cam...

The MERS incident and the death toll of 66 people in Saudi Arabia had parents nationwide keep their children off their schools and everybody in the co...


Qatar To Be Blocked by Saudi Arabia...

Saudi Arabia plans to block Qatar from the country because of its links with the Muslim Brotherhood, which Saudi had recently declared as a terrorist ...

A High Increase in Accident Compens...

According to statistics, a quarter of a billion euro had been paid out to at least 10,560 people by February. Despite the increases, governments had a...

Saudis Are Still Stereotyped in the...

Despite the increasing modernisation of Saudis in their home country and all over the world in different industries, western culture still condemns th...

MERS Prevention and Containment Campaigns Helps Saudi Nerves

The MERS incident and the death toll of 66 people in Saudi Arabia had parents nationwide keep their children off their schools and everybody in the country wearing face –masks. The coronavirus is feared to have spread everywhere, but Makkah Governor Prince Mishaal bin Abdullah and health authorities have made efforts to control and prevent the spread of the disease in the kingdom.

Online rumors in social media had scared Jeddah’s residents and the misconceptions had the Ministry of Health and the governor raise awareness among people in the city, particularly in malls and public spaces.

A ministry that will oversee the prevention of the virus had calmed down the people of Jeddah.

According to Awareness Campaign Supervisor Yusuf Al-Otaibi, the number of people visiting their information stalls surprised them. People were asking about preventative measures against the virus and how to keep it from spreading.

Observers have noticed that the campaigns have been helpful in informing residents. Students said the local authorities had successfully debunked the online myths about MERS, especially those who thought they had symptoms of infection.

After the campaign, pharmaceutical stores had seen a rise in the number of purchases for medical masks.

Yemen had recorded its first death from the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome virus this month.


Qatar To Be Blocked by Saudi Arabia Due to Links With Muslim Brotherhood

Saudi Arabia plans to block Qatar from the country because of its links with the Muslim Brotherhood, which Saudi had recently declared as a terrorist organization. Saudi will not block Qatar if it decides to cut its ties with the Egyptian political party, closes al-Jazeera and removes the local branches of the US Brookings Institution and Rand Corporation, both western surveys and research companies.

Saudi Arabia King Abdullah said that any Saudi who fights with any terrorist group abroad can be jailed for 20 to 30 years. The same sentences can be given to individuals who give moral or material support to terrorist or extremist groups.

However, the new anti-terrorist law, which prohibits radical acts and movements in the kingdom and publicity given to such acts, is contradictory to the Jihadi operations in Saudi Arabia.

Even today, Saudi Arabia uses the wealth it gains from its oil to support jihadists. Saudi fell out with the Muslim Brotherhood because it failed to follow Saudi dictation.

Along with Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain recently withdrew their ambassadors from Qatar because of its link with the Muslim Brotherhood. Bahrain had recently imposed a law similar to Arabia that condemns support in both moral or material for the Muslim Brotherhood.


A High Increase in Accident Compensation Claims

According to statistics, a quarter of a billion euro had been paid out to at least 10,560 people by February. Despite the increases, governments had advised insurers not increase premiums on vehicle and household insurance policies. However, authorities are speculating on the increase because of the lack of increase in accidents in the previous year.

Whiplash injuries had been the easiest to fake in claiming injury compensation in many car accident compensation cases. According to sources, some organisations actually “plan” accidents that would help persuade insurance companies to give compensation for their injuries.

The UK supreme court had previously announced that it would be having an independent medical board that would oversee the regulation of whiplash injuries to ensure that those with genuine whiplash injuries receive proper compensation, while those who have fraudulent injuries will have a difficult time making a claim.

Insurers are actually losing £2 billion to fraudulent injury claims. However, this amount is smaller should insurers want to challenge suspicious insurance claims. The UK court had made plans to reduce the legal fees for challenging claims to reduce the strain on insurance companies.

Some officials and observers blame no win no fee accident claims companies for increasing legislative costs by pushing fraudulent and evidence-lacking claims, however it would be absurd to place blame on this sector alone. Without the chance of compensation from no win no fee claims companies, many genuine victims of accident or injury would struggle to get the money that would be owed to them.

Saudis Are Still Stereotyped in the West

Despite the increasing modernisation of Saudis in their home country and all over the world in different industries, western culture still condemns them to derogatory stereotypes as people who ride out in deserts with camels, are very rich or are terrorists. Even foreign expatriates living in the country still view Arabians in this way.

According to Professor of Near Eastern Studies at Princeton University, Bernard Haykel, the image of the Arab is not positive in the United States and other western countries. Their derogatory stereotypes are associated with their excessive wealth, gender inequality, abuse of women and their close-minded approach to faith.

According to him, even if some expatriates or visitors may find some Saudi Arabians as kind and down to earth enough to change their ideas, there will still be media and independent underground groups that are willing to tarnish the image of Saudi Arabia.

According to Niagra College Professor Karen Martin, she loved Riyadh when she first saw it. She said she loved the environment and Arabian students were as diligent and welcoming as western students.

She added that the “closed-door” image of Saudi Arabia that has western countries endow it with negative and extreme imagery. She added that it is possible 9/11 changd the view of the world to Arabians and the Middle East forever.


Saudi Arabian Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Medina

The Saudi Boeing 767-300ER carrying 315 passengers made an emergency landing in the Holy City of Medina in the Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz airport after the pilot told Medina Air Traffic Control that it had a technical glitch in its rear wheels and had problems with its hydraulic system.

The control tower then helped the pilot land the plane while having firefighters and security authorities at the airport. A special foam substance across the runway helped limit the friction of the plane’s landing. The experienced senior captain helped stop the aircraft before the end of the runway, limiting damages except for the runway, which would force all domestic and international flights in the airport cancelled

All the reported plane damages were on the rear end of the aircraft.

The spokesman of the General Authority of Civil Aviation reported that 29 passengers were injured and 11 the authorities transferred to hospitals. At least 18 people had minor injuries and there were no casualties.

Authorities also received a report on human body parts dropping from the sky on the city of Jeddah in the neighbourhood of Mushrefa, but they downplayed its involvement in the crash. However, some observers speculate that the body parts, which may come from a stowaway in passenger jet’s landing gears who may have been crushed to death.


Saudi’s Massive Expatriate Deportation Could Cost Global Economy

At least 60,000 employees had already been expelled by the Saudi government as its new program struggles to allow Saudi natives priority for local jobs to deal with the high case of male unemployment in the country. According to sources outside Saudi, over 2 million more expatriates in the country could follow.

However, economists are saying that the high rate of deportation can greatly affect the global economy, especially the Southeast and Middle Eastern economies. Saudi’s menial jobs market are dominated by South and Southeast Asians including Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Jordan and other developing countries.

Most of the high-skilled jobs in the country are dominated by US and European expatriates. Experts said that it is highly unlikely Saudis will take on tasks for cleaning, agriculture and other domestic services.

Economists fear that the $27.5 billion remittance in 2012 could be severely affected by the deportation. Saudi is the one of the biggest sender of remittances after the United States and Canada in third. With remittances the saviours of most countries with the least advantage in terms of economy, its resilience for the global economy may fail for 2013.

Experts are advising Saudi Arabia to reconsider its labour policies because the high unemployment in the country will not fade even after expelling low-skilled expatriates because not only the home countries of the expelled will be affected, but Saudi’s, as well.


FOS One Millionth PPI Claim Has Chief Ombudsman Quit

Financial Ombudsman Service Chief Natalie Ceeney had resigned from her position after the FOS receives its one millionth PPI complaint. Chairman of the Ombudsman Nicholas Montagu said that Ceeney felt it was time for her to move on from the Financial Ombudsman Service. Montagu said that Tony Boorman, the deputy ombudsman chief, will be running the office until further notice.

PPI or payment protection insurance is the biggest financial scandal in the United Kingdom’s history. With the total PPI refund bill reaching £20 billion as experts speculate, there are no signs of the financial scandal ever ending in the next two years. If you have been  mis-sold PPI, it is strongly advised that you recover your money by using one of the reclaiming guides readily available on the internet or have claims management companies such as PPI ClaimBack Co to help you in making your claim.

Natalie Ceeney has been known to criticize banks for failing to meet customer satisfaction in dealing with their PPI complaints. Most of these rejected complaints come straight from consumers who are unsatisfied with their lenders’ decision, which costs lenders £900 for every PPI complaint against them. This adds to the administrative costs of lenders, which is also added to their PPI compensation total.

In fact, the Financial Ombudsman estimates that 80% of the complaints rejected or insufficiently-reviewed by banks were upheld in favour of consumers.

Jordan to Have UN Security Council Seat After Saudi Arabia’s Declination

Jordan officially applied for the UN Security Council seat after Saudi Arabia officially declared that it is declining the position offered by the UN Security-General Ban Ki-Moon. Saudi’s refusal was met with mixed reactions from different Middle Eastern countries. Jordan applied for the position seeking to raise its international profile and have the world recognize its big role in accommodating Syrian refugees.

Regarding Jordan’s upbeat action on Saudi Arabia’s decline, officials from the two countries had already discussed Jordan’s decision and now have Saudi Arabia and the United States’ blessing in applying for the seat in the United Nations Security Council.

According to Foreign Minister Nasser Joudeh, “Jordan’s decision comes after consultations between King Abdullah II and his brothers in Saudi Arabia, as well as a number of other Arab leaders and other world leaders.”

However, Jordan will still need the support of the majority of UN’s General Assembly to be successful in its application. If successful, Jordan will be joining Russia, France ,Britain and China in the council.

Jordan did not deny that it was hesitant to replace Saudi Arabia for the security council. It recently applied for a seat on the UN Human Rights Council.

Today, the country is safeguarding 600,000 refugees from the 2 years and six months Syrian civil war.

Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis May Overpopulate Middle East With Males

The PGD technology was designed to allow couples in the Middle East avoid genetic diseases and male infertility caused by intra-family marriages through different western techinques. However, according to fertility expert Marcia Inhorn, the technology was being abused for sex selection.

As culture favours males, many couples are using the technology solely for selecting a boy as their child. According to Inhorn, it was a scientifically unethical slope should the activity continue.

According to the doctor, rumours of clinics in Jordan and the United Arab Emirates were seeing patients who wish to conceive a boy through PGD practices.

Dr. Ragaa Mansour brought PGD and reproductive technologies to the Middle East at least three decades ago. In 1986, he intended the technologies be used to weed out genetic diseases in the country.

However, Inhorn was the only medical professional who was against the medical practice.

In the Middle East, women had to bear children or else they could face divorces from their husbands. To continue the patriarchal line, boys are desired children for many families. Since more modern couples are wanting lower numbers of children, most of these children are males.

However, the costs of PGD makes it difficult for some couples to use the technology to their advantage. Half of the patients coming in to most hospitals were asking for boys.

PPI News: Financial Conduct Authority Could Fine 12 Companies for Poor Performance

The Financial Conduct Authority officially revealed its investigation results regarding several financial institutions for the increase of PPI complaints in the first two quarters of 2013. The FCA confirmed that only 6 out of 18 of these companies were complying with the needed standards. The remaining 12 may be subject for enforcement action or could be fined thousands of pounds.

The Financial Ombudsman had confirmed this information as it received 266,388 PPI claims in the previous two quarters, marking a 26% increase in the overall consumer complaints from the previous year. The Financial Ombudsman also said that 8 out of 10 PPI complaints were in favour of customers, signifying banks and lenders are not doing their job properly.

Anybody mis sold PPI is advised to use a free PPI calculator to help them know their exact compensation. The average PPI compensation is around £3000 for most consumers.

The Financial Conduct Authority pointed out that some companies did not take the details of the insurance’s inclusions and exclusions properly. They also did not take note of the consumer’s circumstances upon purchasing the insurance policy and they cannot give a proper reply for the delays in the insurance payouts.

If you need legal advice on making PPI claims, click here to know more about PPI claiming and what you could do.